Staff Member: Father Leo Moenkedick

Staff Member: Father Leo Moenkedick

Father Leo Moenkedick

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Chaplain, Lt. Col. Leo Moenkedick was born Perham MN in 1957, one of eleven children. He graduated from Perham High School in 1975 and enlisted in the Air Force for four years. He attended St. Thomas College, St Paul from 1979 to 1982. He studied at St. John's Seminary from 1982 - 1986. Fr. Leo was ordained a priest for the diocese of St. Cloud May 30, 1986. He served at 3 parishes from 1986-2001, St. Mary's Melrose, St. Thomas, Kent; and St. Mary of the Presentation, Breckenridge. In Feb 2000, he was commissioned in the MN Air National Guard, and in October transferred to the ND Air National Guard. He had several different assignments. He retired from the military duty on December 1, 2017.

Since joining the military, Fr. Leo has served the tri-parished of Flensburg, Sobieski and Randall from 2003-2011, and the tri-parish of Gilman, Brennyville and Morril from 2011-2019, Currently he is pastor of St. Mary of the Presentation in Breckenridge and St, Thomas Aquinas in Kent.

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